Rent a Server

Feasible, High Quality Server Rentals

This service, provided by Oberst Networks is aimed at customers who desire the quality of an expensive dedicated server for a fraction of the costs.

How it works

You can choose which package you wish to purchase from our store and within 12 hours you will be given FTP and Panel access with FastDL included free of charge.


Using the Customer Discord, 24/7 support is available to resolve any of your issues or queries with professionalism by experienced agents. All major games supported, not just Garry's Mod! In addition, we will also provide you with server & website development help, server leadership advice and access to a library of resources.


Each server has the following specs:

  • 10 Core Intel 3.7GHz CPU
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 100GB of SSD Storage
  • Pre-installed & Managed Linux Machine
  • The best Anti-Ddos mitigation software
  • Located in Chicago, Dallas or Frankfurt
  • 10, 32, 64 Slot Servers Available

The same specs that allow the Oberst Networks servers to run at high FPS

Join the Discord if you would like to see the full extent of what we offer.